Selling Scotland by the Pound!

October 8, 2022 Off By Mark Paul

Wealthy companies who buy land on the pretext of carbon offset clearly have no interest in helping the people of Scotland either socially or in improving the natural biodiversity. Perhaps they will plant trees but will most certainly take full advantage of available grants, despite their own wealth and ability to absorb the relatively small cost.

We all know only too well the effects of absentee landlords. Next thing you know Scottish land-owning oil companies will start mining and mineral exploration in our glens with the promise of jobs and prosperity. We’ve heard it over and over again all over the world, especially in third world countries where inevitably the local populations are left just as poor with polluted environments, devastated landscapes and a hefty national debt. Slave labour jobs ending and prosperity for all is a tired lie.

The Believe in Scotland manifesto is good and noble and right, but practical planning and immediate action is paramount if we are to stop the indiscriminate selling of land to the highest bidder here in Scotland, regardless of their purpose. There has been political silence on this issue in Holyrood, and whilst sitting, deliberating and pushing for Indyref, the carpet (or land) is being pulled out from under us. Some level of AGR (LVT), needs to be implemented right now, before it’s too late, and it could be too late very quickly.

Independence is crucial. Holyrood know that. They are pushing hard for a new referendum. We don’t have to lobby them to do that. What we do have to decide is what we’re going to do when we have our Independence on a practical level. Where do we start without the funds we need for infrastructure changes and improvements? For greater social care and support, getting the homeless off the streets of our towns, bringing wind and solar energy to the glens and communities all over Scotland providing liquidity and stability. Implement a plan for rapid, genuinely affordable housing that relates to income and suits the environment. Restoring common land so that renters can grow food or keep livestock. Restoring security of tenure for those who cannot afford to buy, or simply prefer not to. These are the most urgent needs for Scotland and the money can be raised almost instantly through AGR. AGR is the only real working solution that can halt the rapid sale of Scottish land to corporate interests and provide the urgently needed funds to address these issues.