Ten Traps To Avoid at Work

September 15, 2009 Off By Mark Paul

There is no real mystery to these tips.  Most are common sense combined with a positive outlook.  However, it’s always useful to state these things as sometimes the obvious hides in plain sight!

1.  Intransigence  Don¹t get stuck in a rut, holding onto an outdated thought or ideal.  Be ready to adapt, update and move on.

2.  Trying  to be anybody but you.   Entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs.   Your difference is your strength.

3.  Believing your own hype.   Naturally you¹re geared to being optimistic,  but don¹t get caught up in the sound of your own voice.

4.  RAIDS.  (Rapid And Increasing Debt Syndrome)   Keep an eye on your cash flow.  It takes time to build a business, so make sure you¹ve got enough to support yourself while it¹s growing.

5.  Avoid joining forces with weak partners/employing weak staff.

6.  Complicating your business, your marketing, your advertising.  Follow the KISS Principle – Keep It Simple, Stupid.

7.  Over-selling.  A good salesperson doesn¹t wait until a prospect’s eyes glaze over to stop.  He/she follows the golden rule – to leave people wanting more.

8.  Getting too big for your boots.  Expanding into larger offices, buying more stock than you need, getting systems for the future.  We know you need to speculate to accumulate, but make sure you can walk before you try to run

9.  Confusing dreams and reality. We all need to have goals, but keep them realistic, otherwise you¹ll set yourself impossible targets that you can¹t meet

10.  Quitting.  Some of the top entrepreneurs will tell you that success is 99% failure.  So if you¹re failing, fail quickly and learn.  Then try again, using what you¹ve learned.